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18/01/2017 13:34

The senior generation leaves us due to the time that runs so fast. Together with the elderly also old Jewish traditions, customs and habits, which the modern stormy life has completely forced out and which it is very important to keep, leave this world.

One of the programs of the Kirovohrad Jewish community is designed not only to keep old Jewish culinary traditions, not only to acquaint young members of the community with Jewish cuisine, but also to let elderly people feel that they are necessary, the young are interested in them, they still can do a lot of things.

During the activity of the program, representatives of the community at the beginning of a week came to a Jewish grandmother or a grandfather and ask to teach them how to prepare their favorite Jewish dish. Then they came to her (or to him) to the Sabbath with that dish prepared according to the told recipe.

At the end activists of the community have published the Book of culinary recipes where everything that has been prepared, was described in details and photographed. This book, made with great love, care and humor is a real source of inspiration for young Jewish culinary specialists and for all who would like to understand the Jewish cuisine.