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18/01/2017 13:37

Today in a time club “Berloga”, we celebrated the Global day of the Jewish knowledge. It was very great. We were divided into three age groups: children, teenagers and parents. Each group had its activity, but the most important was the general subject – “Creations, Nature”. Children played, created a hand-made wall clock and guessed riddles. Teenagers, in their turn, have elaborated “their own” commandments, and have created a portrait of an ideal Jewish man and woman. And parents have had a really good time — one of fathers has prepared an interesting lecture for them, they have played games and then together with teenagers have learned 2 Jewish dances.

Besides general activities, one of the volunteers walked through the hall, and distracted people from their occupations asking a question connected with the nature; for a correct answer he gave a tasty prize. The holiday has finished with a fourchette and a lottery.