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11/03/2018 16:21

At the beginning of December our volunteers visited their wards as a part of the project activity. But it is more than volunteering, it is human relations!
December 5, 2017. Within the project “I have a Grandma/ Grandpa” the volunteers and their wards have hit it off so well that they almost became relatives.
In the photo: Volunteer Alexander Golub with the ward of Kirovograd Regional Charity Community Jewish Centre “Hesed Shlomo” Plyuta Alla Semyonovna.
December 7, 2017. Project “I have a Grandma/ Grandpa”: KVC volunteer Lyudmila Shilyaeva visits Rozhinskij Gersh Shmulevich.
Gersh Shmulevich is a brilliant conversationalist who always keeps you interested. He is the author of wonderful verses, many of which Lyudmila have read. Gersh Shmulevich gave Lyudmila a book of his recently published poems.