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24/11/2016 14:39

On the 19th of September, volunteers and coordinators of our center together with their colleagues from the Alexandria community have visited New Prague city for cleaning up the place where the Jewish people were shot during the World War II. We had to go through the corn field and the wildwood to reach the monument. Just a simple white plate is nailed to the monument. Nobody knows how many people lie in this mass grave. After removing the grass and thickets around the monument, we decided to write down some words about the event that had taken place here on the plate and to come here again.
Then we visited Alexander Pavlovich, the inhabitant of Nova Prague who was 90 years old on September 12, 2016. It turned out that when he was 17 years old he saw where the Jewish people were taken and where they were shot. We passed New Prague city towards Alexandria and stopped in the field. There were no identification marks there. He looked upset, showing the site, and told us: “They were shot somewhere here”. Nobody knows that this field is a mass grave. If we haven’t met Alexander Pavlovich we would not ever know what happened her.

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